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Inspired Onward is about helping you unlock the best expression of yourself. Together we will discover your inspiration and equip you for a future of empowerment, confidence, and fulfillment.

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At Inspired Onward we provide a wide range of developmental and educational services to help you connect with your authentic self, cultivate and optimize your mental well-being and strengthen your emotional resilience. Whether you have specific challenges or are exploring pathways to better self-development, Inspired Onward points the way to assess, acknowledge  and achieve the best outcomes for your own personal preferred future.

 Together we will discover and strengthen the very best version of yourself and learn to do the things that create the end results you seek.



Did you know that processing past hurts and unresolved issues play a big role in the relief of depression symptoms along with your Physician’s treatments? Find out what you may not know about depression.


Developing powerful strategies for regulating thoughts, feelings and emotions that make us feel anxious or fearful of experiences or environments. It’s not as hard as your mind may be telling you.


Learning to manifest and maintain stronger, better relationships in order to bring out the best of ourselves and those we share our lives with.


Addiction is not about a moral failing, but is considered a disorder that can happen to anyone. One’s worth is not diminished by addiction. Addictions are treatable.

Mental Strength

“You have power over your mind not outside events. Realize this and you will find (mental) strength.” M. Aurelius

Proactive E.A.P.

When we don’t feel well about ourselves or our external situations, it creates major roadblocks for doing well. By pro actively providing confidential assessments, readily accessible supports, and complete follow - ups, you will experience the best outcomes from your employees.


Danell McSween

Danell McSween

Emotional Health and Wellness Counsellor

Danell is an empathetic listener purposing to empower an individual’s ability to achieve their full potential and increase in well–being.

  • Since 2012, Danell has been mentored by and partnered in client care with Psychologist Dr. Dustin Nau.
  • Danell has provided emotional and spiritual health care, within various communities in Calgary, since 1997.

Danell has over two decades of experience which includes: Certified Crisis Event Response, and Emotional Wellness Counsel, E.F.T. for individuals/ couples/ families. She has completed several Certified CISM programs. Danell and her husband of over 30 years have traveled the world together and enjoy their children and family time.  Nature is her spa.

Danell is available for private counseling.

Dustin Nau

Dr. Dustin Nau

Clinical Psychology Ph.D

Dustin holds a strong belief in the power and value of every human spirit. He earned his Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a Ph.D in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology.

  • After a tour in the U.S Army, he began practicing Psychology in Calgary, AB.
  • In addition to clinical practice, Dustin has taught for 18 years as an adjunct prof.

Dustin lectures on the topics of depression, anger, stress, how to increase your self-confidence and addictions. Dustin is married for 27 years and has two teenage boys. Dustin enjoys sports and in his spare time he likes to be in the mountains biking, canoeing, fishing  and hiking.

Dustin is available for virtual and onsite teaching events.


Depression: Does not have to define your worth or future .

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11:00am-12:30pm Mountain Standard Time
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Soul Care: Giving yourself the best of you.

Going live : TBA
11:00am-12:30pm Mountain Standard Time
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Addiction: BEYOND THE STIGMAS and triggers.

Going live: TBA
11:00am-12:30pm Mountain Standard Time
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Suicide and Self - destruction:
what are the signs and how can we respond

Going live : TBA
11:00am-12:30pm Mountain Standard Time
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Mental Strength: power over your mind

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11:00am-12:30pm Mountain Standard Time
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  • Anxious & Stressed
  • Loss /Grief & Being In The Now
  • When Intimate Relationships Physically &  Emotionally Hurt



On a day that was the pinnacle of our distress, Danell was there and from that day forward we have been given tools to use towards the renewal of my husband’s mind and even his heart. Our family was restored and brought to levels of healing that I never dreamt possible.

The Schweitzers

We’ve tried other counselors in the past, and always ended up feeling disappointed and frustrated. Danell is extremely gifted in the way that she relates to her clients. Her gentle nature and approach would put even the most apprehensive person at ease. It is extremely apparent that she does this because she genuinely loves people and wants to help them. There is no judgment or condemnation, only love and compassion.

S.J & C.J.

The first session I had with you, was life changing. There were so many things that had happened in my life that were very painful, however you have helped me to receive healing. I left that first session feeling there was a purpose to my life and that I had a calling in my life


How amazing to reverse the words (negative beliefs) and rebuke them and to (gain) freedom back and finally live the life intended, victoriously


I was at a place of darkness (and I am still trying to heal) when I sought help from Danell. I was able to truly uncover the cause of my destructive thinking. I was able to pinpoint the triggers that kept me ‘stuck’ and ‘unhappy’.


We have experienced, on more than one occasion. Reflecting on them, my husband and I were and felt truly blessed. This was at a time of utter chaos in our lives as my husband was undergoing breast cancer and our lives were in turmoil.


You have given me inspiration and peace and helped to strengthen me. There is nothing I can ever do to express my gratitude for all that you have done to help my family.


Thank you for giving your time and stirring me up. I felt a release to move into new purpose for my life. Thank you for encouraging me forward


Since our meeting you have created a huge impact upon my life. You have spoken words that intrigue and persist within me. You have awakened in me a hunger and a yearning that I didn’t know existed.



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